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Turf Grass & Sod Supply and Delivery in St. Louis

Turf Grass & Sod in St. Louis

If you are looking for fine turf grass for your lawn or landscape, look no further than our sister company, Kurtz Turf Farm. Here you will find some of the best fescue sod and bluegrass sod in St. Louis. Through the combined experience of our two branches, you can easily find all of the landscaping supplies you need for any project.

Our turf grass products include turf type fescue and bluegrass sod rolls that we can deliver right to your door or worksite. If needed, we can also arrange for professional installation. You also have the option of picking up the sod rolls yourself from our St. Louis location. To learn more about our turf grass or to place an order, call us at 636-332-1928 and we will answer any questions you may have. You can also learn more about the types of turf grass and sod that we can supply by visiting the Kurtz Turf Farm website.

What is Turf Grass?

Turf grass is a term used for any type of grass that is used for landscapes and lawns. Turf grass is even and short, unlike ornamental grass, which is taller. There are many different types of turf grass including fescue, bluegrass, zoysia, centipede grass, and St. Augustine grass. Depending on which region of the country you live in, the availability of these grasses will vary. Turf grass is most often available in sod rolls which are laid out evenly across the soil.

Turf grass is coveted because it adds a luxurious and thick carpet of fresh grass to any landscape. It is especially ideal for sports grounds, playgrounds, and backyards. It is lush, soft, and exceptionally attractive, making turf grass a must-have for any grassy lawn. When planted properly, turf grass helps prevent and control flooding in the rainy months.

Types of Turf Grass That We Sell

At Kurtz Turf Farm, we mainly sell bluegrass and fescue sods as well as a blend of these both.

  • Fescue: Turf type fescue is perfect for St. Louis. Its fine blades and ability to withstand drought make it a popular choice. It handles the St Louis summers very well and needs little water.
  • Bluegrass: Bluegrass sod is perfect for a beautiful lawn. With blades finer than fescue, it has a lovely, rich texture. With careful irrigation, you can keep your bluegrass beautiful all year long.
  • Fescue-Bluegrass Blend: Both fescue and bluegrass have their own advantages. For example, fescue is highly tolerant to heat and drought. However, bluegrass is better at repairing itself over damaged areas. That is why we provide a bluegrass-fescue blend, which gives you all the benefits of both types of turf grass.

Advantages of Turf Grass

Our turf grass sod is already established and is the quickest way to grow a thick and lush lawn. Whether you are filling in bare areas or creating a new lawn, there are numerous advantages to using turf grass. Here are a few reasons why you should buy our turf grass today:

Turf Grass: Fescue & Bluegrass Sod in St. Louis
  • Improves Property Value: A beautiful lawn can greatly improve the value of your home or office. When curb appeal rises, the price of the property goes up too. A home or office with a well-maintained lawn is known to sell more quickly and at higher prices.
  • Controls Climate: In hot weather, turf grass is noticeably cooler than pavement or other surfaces. A cool lawn is a great place to spend some time on a warm summer day, especially if you have young children who want to play outdoors.
  • Controls Erosion: Turf keeps soil from blowing away or washing away in winds and rains. By holding the soil firmly in place, turf grass prevents run-off and controls erosion. Instead of washing away, water is percolated down and actually benefits the grass itself.
  • Improves Sports Fields: From golf to football, good sports fields need high quality turf. Turf grass is attractive and vibrant, but it also offers other benefits that make it suitable for sports grounds. Because it is so lush and soft, it cushions falls far better than artificial grass or plain soil. Turf grass also provides traction for sports as well.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Grass captures air pollutants as well as greenhouse gases, thereby cleaning the air. Turf grass will also stop chemicals from destroying the soil.

Buy Turf Grass from Kurtz Turf Farm in St. Louis

With turf grass from Kurtz Turf Farm, your lawn is sure to be the envy of your neighbors. To learn more about the sod and turf grass we have for sale or to place an order, call us today at 636-332-1928.