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Mulch: Buy Bulk Quantities of Mulch in St. Louis

While the use of mulch may not be a mandatory component of gardening or landscaping, the technique offers a number of benefits. There are a host of reasons why mulch has been gaining in popularity over the years. From preventing weed growth to holding in moisture, different types of mulch offer different advantages. The choice of mulch that is best is dependent on a variety of factors including the kind of plants that are being grown and the environment in which the mulch is being used.

Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil is one of the most reputed gardening and landscaping supply companies in the St. Louis area. We have been in business for over 50 years, keeping up to date with latest advancements and breakthroughs in the industry. Through the supply and timely delivery of all kinds of soil products, we have developed an impeccable service record over the years. High quality mulch is one of many types of soil and landscaping products that we supply at Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil.

To place an order or to learn more about the types of mulch we can supply, contact us at 636-332-1928.

Double Ground Hardwood Mulch in St. Louis
Double Ground Hardwood Bark Mulch
Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch in St. Louis
Triple Ground Hardwood Bark Mulch
Brown Dyed Mulch in St. Louis
Brown Dyed Mulch
Black Dyed Mulch in St. Louis
Black Dyed Mulch
Native Ground Bark Mulch in St. Louis
Native Ground Bark Mulch
Playground Chip Mulch in St. Louis
Playground Chips

Make Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil Your First Choice for Mulch in St. Louis

At Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil, customers will have access to a wide variety of mulches, each consistent in texture and color. Beyond our firm commitment to deliver high quality products and services, there are a host of other reasons why you should choose us.

  • Our premium hardwood bark mulch is carefully screened and ground twice for size, texture, and consistency.
  • Our dyed mulch is of superior quality and it retains its color for much longer than other dyed mulches or undyed mulch options.
  • Double ground hardwood bark is one of the most popular and long-lasting mulch types. We can supply any amount of double ground hardwood bark mulch for pick up or delivery.
  • We also supply native ground bark, pathway chips, playground chips, and triple ground fine mulch.
  • As one of the finest topsoil and mulch suppliers in Missouri, we are fully equipped to deliver any quantity of mulch to your home or jobsite.
  • We acquire our raw materials from the finest Missouri sawmills. The bark fibers are primarily in the oak species and other hardwood varieties.

The products we sell include:

At Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil, we own multiple trucks of varied sizes, capable of delivering loads of all sizes. This includes large tractor-trailer trucks for commercial clients requiring large bulk orders. Our headquarters and supply yard is located at 17905N Outer 40 behind the Chesterfield Athletic Fields.

Why Use Mulch?

Many individuals underestimate the complexity and effort that goes into landscaping. Landscaping does not simply involve improving the aesthetics of a particular plot of land. Landscaping is very much concerned with soil fertility and the effective use of that soil in the growth of plants. Using mulch, in the treatment of soil, can be extremely effective in boosting plant growth and maintaining soil fertility.

The following are some of the main advantages of using mulch:

  • While there are other factors that must be taken into consideration, mulch can extremely useful in trapping moisture within the soil. Because mulch is applied over the surface of soil, it reduces the soil’s exposure to air and thus reduces the rate of evaporation. Consequently, plants can be watered less frequently.
  • The use of mulch can limit the number of weeds that grow in your garden. Weed seeds germinate when they are exposed to sunlight. Because the mulch covers the surface of the soil, weeds are unable to grow and sprout upwards.
  • Mulch can act as insulation to soil, as it can trap in heat and keep the soil warm in periods of winter and low temperatures. Mulch can also keep the soil warm when the air temperature is high.
  • Organic mulch contains nutrients, which can be absorbed by the soil. In this sense, mulch itself can be effective in boosting soil fertility and plant growth.
  • Using mulch can make a garden appear well-groomed and aesthetically appealing.

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