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Topsoil, Compost and Mulch

For all your topsoil, mulch, and compost needs, we supply high quality materials with bulk delivery available throughout St. Louis... read more


Topsoil Supply & Delivery in St. Louis

We have the best quality fill dirt, custom soil blends, and athletic field dirt that you could possibly need... read more


Compost Supply & Delivery in St. Louis

From leaf compost to manure compost, we have it all. We can even give you the option of custom compost blends to suit your needs... read more


Mulch Supply & Delivery in St. Louis

Our mulch is made of the finest oak and other hardwoods that have been locally sourced and ground to an even consistency... read more

Premium Topsoil Delivery from Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil in St. Louis

Topsoil Delivery: Mulch, Compost, Turf Grass

Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil is a respected purveyor of landscape supply materials in St. Louis. We bring you the very best in soils and mulches to meet all of your gardening and landscaping needs. We also offer topsoil delivery throughout the St. Louis area for orders of all sizes, and since we source topsoil from 6 locations around St. Louis, we can offer quicker deliver and lower delivery cost. These sites include Florissant, Chesterfield, St. Peters, Cottleville, Boschertown, and Wentzville.

Top soil is some of the most rich and fertile soil you will find, making it perfect for any gardening or landscaping project. The best part is that topsoil does not use any harmful chemical fertilizers that may harm the environment. It is simply a clean, green way to keep your plants growing healthy and strong.

To learn more about our products or to place an order for topsoil delivery, call us at 636-332-1928 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Complete Mulch, Compost, & Topsoil Delivery & Sales

We offer a wide range of quality products at Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil, and we hope to become your first choice in topsoil delivery. Our soils are some of the best in the state, sourced from 6 locations around St. Louis. Regardless of what your needs may be, we have the perfect landscaping products for you. You can choose from an extensive and customizable range of soils and mulches for your lawn or garden.

Mulch, Compost, and Topsoil Delivery in St. Louis

Here are some of the types of topsoil, mulch, and compost that we have to offer:

  • Topsoil: We have a number of types of topsoil on hand at our nursery. This includes custom soil blends, fill dirt, and all sorts of athletic blends for your sport turf needs. Topsoil is a great way to improve the quality of your soil, and with our topsoil delivery, you will have everything you need brought straight to your door or worksite.
  • Raingarden Soil and Bioretention Soil: All of our raingarden and bioretention soils meet the standards specified by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District. Tests are conducted on these soils every thirty days to ensure that they comply with these standards. These soils are perfect for any rain garden or landscaping project.
  • Mulch: We have a variety of types of mulch that we offer in bulk quantities for gardens and landscaping. Mulch is great for keeping in moisture and for preventing the growth of weeds. We have several types of mulch available, including double ground hardwood bark, black dyed mulch, and playground chips. With our bulk mulch and topsoil delivery, you will have the landscaping products you need, when and where you need them.
  • Compost: From leaf mold to compost blends, you will find any sort of compost you need at our nursery. Compost is an all-natural way to add fertility to the soil. No harmful chemicals, no dangerous fertilizers, just environmentally-friendly compost. It helps your soil retain water too, making it great for growing all sorts of plants and grass.
  • Turf Grass: Through Kurtz Turf Farm, our sister company, we offer bulk delivery of turf grass as well. From turf type fescue to bluegrass sod, we have whatever you need. If needed, we can also provide professional sod installations for you.

How Our Topsoil Delivery Can Help Your Garden Grow

Topsoil is a wonderful and natural way to keep your garden healthy and fertilized. Here are some of the benefits of our topsoil delivery services:

  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Increased life for your plants
  • Retention of nutrients
  • Improving soil quality overall

As our topsoil delivery service brings all these benefits right to your door, why go anywhere else? If you are located in and around the St. Louis area, we are your number one source for much, compost, and topsoil delivery in the area.

Why Choose Us for Your Topsoil Delivery Needs?

At Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil, we have been in the business of topsoil delivery since 1925, when the company was founded by Richard Kurtz under the name Clayton Landscape Supply. Today, we are in the fourth generation of this family-owned business, and we still hold ourselves to the highest quality.

Whether it is for a school, a government building, a landscaping contractor, or a residential homeowner, our topsoil delivery meets all of your needs. We can deliver orders of all sizes or you can schedule a pick up from our location. To learn more about our products or to schedule topsoil delivery, call us now at 636-332-1928.