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Products and Landscaping Supplies We Offer

Landscaping Supplies: Topsoil, Mulch, Compost, & Turf Grass in St. Louis

At Kurtz Nursery and Topsoil, it is our goal to provide all of our customers with the best products that are available. That is why we bring you the finest landscaping supplies in bulk, delivered wherever you need in and around the entire St. Louis area. From landscaping contractors to private homeowners, we bring every customer the same great service and top quality landscaping products.

Our goal is to be the foremost choice in landscaping supplies in the St. Louis area. When you choose us, you will receive quality topsoil, mulch, and compost for all of your landscaping, gardening or playground needs. To learn more about our products and what landscaping supplies we can provide, call us at 636-332-1928.

Our Range of Landscaping Supplies: Topsoil, Mulch, Compost, and Sod

At Kurtz Nursery, we offer an array of landscaping products to meet all of your needs. We can deliver all of these products in almost any quantity directly to your home or worksite. If you are interested in our bulk deliveries, you can contact us to get a quote or place an order today.

Here is a look at some of the types of landscaping products that we have to offer:

Landscaping Supplies: Topsoil, Mulch, Compost, & Sod
  • Topsoil: Topsoil is an essential part of landscaping and gardening. It keeps your soil healthy and fertile so that plants can thrive. We have 6 local sources for our topsoil so we can meet any needs and offer affordable and quick delivery to anywhere in St. Louis. All our blends are processed through shredder-sifter machines to give you perfect, uniform consistency every time. We supply topsoil, fill dirt, soil blends, ballfield soil, and all types of athletic soil mixes. Our landscaping supplies also include custom topsoil blends for your unique requirements.
  • Raingarden/Bioretention Soils: All of our bioretention and raingarden soils are consistent with the specifications set by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District. We test our soils every 30 days to ensure that the quality and standards are still up to par. These tests are carried out by two independent laboratories to ensure accuracy.
  • Mulch: All of the varieties of mulch that we bring to you are made from premium hardwood bark. We screen our mulch multiple times to ensure the best texture, consistency, and size. The types of mulch that we can provide include double and triple ground hardwood bark mulch, brown and black dyed mulch, native ground bark mulch, pathway chips, and playground chips.
  • Compost: When you need to fertilize your garden organically to provide nutrients to plants, one of the best landscaping supplies you can get is compost. Compost is simply a mixture of decaying organic matter such as leaves and manure. It vastly improves the structure and nutrition levels of soil. Compost is also great for increasing soil’s water-retention capacity, breaking soil down for cultivation, and even for helping seeds germinate. We offer leaf mold compost and special compost blends to meet unique needs.
  • Turf Grass: Through our sister company, Kurtz Turf Farm, we bring you a variety of types of turf grass and sod. The sod that we supply will give you a beautiful, vibrant lawn all year round. We have bluegrass sod and turf type fescue to choose from, depending on your needs or preferences.

Our Bobcat Services for Landscaping Supplies

In addition to these products and landscaping supplies, we also provide bobcat services to meet your every need. We have a fleet of excavators, back hoes, and many other types of machinery to offer. From residential to commercial projects, our bobcat services can meet all your needs. Services include delivering landscaping supplies, spreading topsoil or mulch, laying sod, and leveling ground using excavators and extra fill dirt.

Choose Kurtz Nursery for Your Landscaping Supplies

You should never have to settle for second best when it comes to gardening products and landscaping supplies. With our wide range of top quality products and our excellent Bobcat services, there is no reason for you to choose any other supplier.

To learn more about our variety of landscaping supplies and how you can place an order, call us today at 636-332-1928. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or to schedule a pickup or delivery.